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The Live the Love site is a method-neutral initiative of the Couple to Couple League International, a provider of instruction in the Sympto-Thermal Method since 1971. The staff and Board of CCL have watched the NFP landscape undergo profound changes in more recent years, with an explosion of apps and devices that have attracted large numbers away from contraceptives and toward a natural approach. Yet this profound change, while welcome, has also brought a lot of confusion for people as they seek reliable information about the various natural methods.
We began to look for ways we could leverage both our expertise and our nearly 50 years of experience teaching and supporting couples to help support anyone interested in using a natural approach to family planning. To do so, we have chosen to leave behind the method battles. We have done that for many years as an organization; this website is perhaps the most public testament to our belief that all major NFP methods are scientifically proven to be effective, and different methods work for different couples and sometimes at different times for the same couple. We seek to work together with other providers and complement each other. Through Live the Love we plan to help couples determine the best method for them. For some, this may mean a sympto-thermal method; for others, it may mean a mucus-only method; and some may need a doctor’s assistance. Therefore, we aim to make learning about the various methods easier and quicker by having it readily available on one site.
A second major goal is to become a trusted resource for information about natural approaches, regardless of method. In today’s culture of Google, Facebook and YouTube, many women are self-taught, mixing methods, or just relying on an app that may or may not be based in science. Because they can, in effect, learn the basics from others or from comment boxes online they often don’t see the value of formal instruction. However, we see the fallout of this approach as we watch incomplete or even completely incorrect information being shared online time and time again. Live the Love seeks to become a trusted resource — think the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval — for reliable information about methods, devices, tests, etc. We will partner with experts from other methods and FACTS to evaluate new approaches and provide guidance.

We also seek to provide support in various ways for those who practice a natural method, to include fostering community between users, both online and in real life. Even as the femtech market grows, "going natural" is still a counter-cultural decision, and we hope the Live the Love initiatives will provide inspiration and support for those who make that decision, no matter what method they choose to use.

Learn more about the Principles of the Couple to Couple League International:  https://livethelove.org/principles/

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If you are involved in helping men and women with fertility awareness and would like to investigate partnership opportunities, please get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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